Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Dog Can do

Are you afraid with dog ?

Well Think Again

They help each other

And They Love To Entertain

All of these real stories are examples of how animals help human beings lead richer fuller lives than they may have without the help of the pet. They were awarded honors by the Delta Society, a non-profit organization that encourages the use of animals to help humans lead better lives.

Biyou, the Australian Shepherd dog

In the early days of 2001, 42 year-old Linda Parker was trying to save her horse that had fallen into the waters of a frozen pond. But, trying to be a rescuer, she fell in. She was now in a 50-50 coin flip of survival. Her dog, Biyou, a 3 year-old Australian Shepherd, heard her screams and dashed towards the pond like a cheetah. He pulled a wet, cold, scared Parker out of the water and onto her feet. But Parker’s troubles were not’t over yet. She still had to climb a steep hill and walk 200 yards until she got to the protection of her house! Thanks to Biyou’s gentle pushes of encouragement, Parker made it! Too bad her horse didn't.

Tang, the Amazing Collie

In 1954, a big collie named Tang was standing in front of a milk truck. He wouldn’t budge! He barked like mad until the driver got out. Good thing! In the back of the truck, there was a two year-old girl. If the truck drove away, the girl would have fallen out and probably cracked her head open. Yowzers!

Sable, the Black Lab

Marybeth Waltman had a problem with her body, so she had to use a wheelchair for decades, but the problem got worse. Then Sable entered her life, a black Labrador. Waltman is dependent on being connected to a ventilator at night. When she needs help, she triggers an alarm on her head which tells Sable that she is in trouble. Sable then immediately wakes up Jim, Marybeth’s husband, by jumping and barking on Jim’s bed. Sable saved her life 3 times. One of these times, Waltman fell backwards on her bed and found she couldn’t breath! She then alerted Sable to help her by getting Jim. At that time, Jim was on the other side of the house. Sable immediately began barking, but when Sable found that no one came, she went and found Jim who immediately came to the rescue with Sable right behind!

Sable also goes to the mall with Marybeth and other places, too. Sable picks up the items her owner drops, opens doors and pushes elevator buttons. She is a very useful dog.

Leo, the Hero Poodle

A poodle called Leo, 11 year-old Sean Callahan, and Sean's brother Erin were playing near a river in 1985. Suddenly the group spotted a HUGE diamondback rattlesnake. It was five and a half feet long! That's longer than me! Quickly, Leo leaped between the boys and the dangerously deadly snake. After that, the snake started launching attacks like a battleship. It took a bite into Leo's head six times! When Leo finally got to a vet, he was so weak he couldn't stand and his head was so swollen you couldn't see his left eye. Gladly, Leo survived!

Lucky the Cat

When Lucky was born, his face was deformed. Her owner was a person named Francis. Francis thought it might be a great idea if she brought him to Fairview Elementary School, located in Sherman, Texas where she teaches children who have problems with their hearing. She thought it would be a good idea to introduce Lucky to her students since Lucky was "different" and so were they. Lucky had a positive attitude despite his disability, and so did the kids. It was a good idea, because the children loved her.

When he meets the children, he greets them with a loud “meow” and paws their legs until they pet him. Everyone laughs when he decides study time is over, by lying on someone’s desk so they can’t work! The kids also compete for PAWS points, in which they can spend for time with Lucky.

The children have occasional lessons that center on Lucky, and they’ve written books about him. Lucky has also been the star of a classroom slideshow and a movie. The children always get excited when Lucky purrs because they know that they’re making Lucky happy, although they can’t hear it.

They can feel it though!

Love The Animals

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